Short shipwreck story

8 Юни, 2016 - 17:20
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I woke up suddenly. I was perplexed when I noted palms and high plants surrounding me. Then I saw the sea and the broken ship lying on the shore. After realizing I had shipwrecked and spending a lot of time wondering what to do from now on, I decided to create my own accommodation.

Days went by and I had got used to being alone. One afternoon I was wandering outside my shelter, collecting my belongings. The sky was black and rain was pouring down. I thought a storm was going to burst forth when I heard frightening sounds coming from the rough sea. I quickly climbed to the highest spot of the large island and saw the most terrifying view ever. Tremendously huge waves were crashing with dreadful strength into the cliffs. Every new wave was greater than the other. Within seconds the water swept away the rocks and was spreading toward the flat parts of the land. Palms and trees were uprooted while I was climbing down to my cave. I had just entered my shelter when I felt the coldness of the water touching my ankles. I knew that the awful tsunami was going to kill me. In a moment water flushed from everywhere demolishing everything I had built. But that didn't matter to me anymore.

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