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My most unforgettable experience of last summer

It was a fresh and breezy Sunday morning in July. I decided to get up early that day and go surfing in the wavy sea. I put on my blue bathing suit, took my surfing board and set off to the beach.

The sun had risen an hour ago. It had dried up a little the sand which was wet from yesterday's heavy rain. I could feel the warm rays caressing my tanned skin.

'Perfect', I thought while enjoying the ideal seascape in front of me. There were barely people out there - just the lifeguards limbering up. The atmosphere was so tranquill you could hear only the beautiful noise of the spashing waves. Impatient, I ran through the cold sand and dived in the lukewarm water. I climbed onto my surfboard and started catching rebellious waves.

Half an hour later I got tired.

'This is going to be the last one', I told myself when I saw the approaching gorgeous wave. I set up straight on the board and was ready to catch it when I heard a cracking sound. Then I saw the split in the middle of the board. Momentairly it broke and I found myself underwater. The tremendous wave then splashed over me and I couldn't take a gulp of air. I thought I was going to die any moment.

Then unexpectedly, I felt strong arms catch my body tightly. At this instant I was on the surface, breathing. I looked up at the hero who had rescued me and found out I couldn't say a word. I was in the arms of the most handsome man I had ever seen.

'Careful next time', he smiled.

An hour later I was sitting safe and sound on the beach, chatting with the charming lifeguard. I was about to get back to the hotel when he asked me to have dinner with him. I agreed and felt the happiest because I instinctively knew he was the man of my life.

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