The splendour of Plovdiv

5 Юли, 2016 - 17:23
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The magnificent Bulgarian city with its beautiful architecture, culture and history stuns every tourist that visits it. Situated in the south part of Bulgaria on the two banks of Maritsa river the city attracts with its vivacious atmosphere, while the lovely sights of the town recreate the magic of Plovdiv’s great longevity.

Situated in the heart of the Old Town in Plovdiv the Ancient theatre of Philippopolis is one of the jewels of the city. It was built in the second century but then after three centuries it was burnt down. Now, broad and impressive, the reconstructed theatre is a majestic place where you can wander across the remains of antiquity and observe every little detail of the facility. The views from the top are astonishing, precisely at sunset. If you happen to visit Plovdiv in the summertime you can watch the International Folklore Festival, a unique cultural event.

In the eastern part of the town in the center of a tremendous square, surrounded by splendid and luxuriant vegetation, the Brothers’ mound proudly spreads along. This impressive complex was built to magnify the heroism of all Bulgarians who fought for their country. This monument has a great national value for the nation.

Plovdiv is home to numerous museums, galleries and churches. It is also known as the Town under the Hills because it is situated at the foot of seven nice hills. Plovdiv is also considered to be Europe’s oldest city - a fact every Bulgarian should be proud of. The town is a magical place that fascinates the spirit and this is why it is well worth a visit.

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