Aspects of Bulgarian culture

26 Януари, 2017 - 11:44
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Every nation has its unique features. Bulgaria is one of the oldest European countries which means it is rich in history, culture, folklore. Nowadays it is essential for us to preserve our cultural legacy in order to keep going ahead.

To begin with, the most important aspect of Bulgarian culture is definitely history. Founded in 681 by khan Asparuh, Bulgaria flourishes up to this day. The country has gone through numerous crises during its development - the Byzantine and Ottoman rule, for instance, when the whole nation had to suffer through innumerable cruelties, threats, brutalities, inhumanities. However, these hardships managed to bulid up the national consciousness of the Bulgarian. Despite the fact that a lot of monuments were demolished during the Greek and the Turkish yoke, a great number of historical record is still preserved. Bulgarians ought to feel proud of the cultural achievments during the Golden Age of tzar Simeon the Great's rule. Bulgaria's long existence and great leaders have helped a lot to bulid up a national self-awareness.

Closely connected to historical development is the folklore. It is one of the most characteristical features of a nation and Bulagrians are more than rich in it. There are loads of proverbs dating back to previous ages that people use nowadays as well. They are not only edifying but absolutely accurate too. Furthermore, folklore songs are also popular. Typical for Bulgaria is the sound of the bagpipe. Bulgarians should be proud to announce that one of their national songs is playing in outer space. Folklore is a constant part of the culture and it must be preserved really conscientiously in every person's mind.

Last but not least, Bulgarian traditional gowns are a very substantial part of the culture. They are worn mostly in time of national feasts and are not seen regularly. However, these dresses bear a strong connection to previous ages - the ones of the Bulgarian Renaissance.

In conclusion, culture contains the evolution of every country. That is why aspects of it ought to be preserved cautiously in order to be provided for the next generations.

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