wood but also ordinary composite deck

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wood but also ordinary composite deck

wood but also ordinary composite deck

National standards are usually marked by the genera and families, and must be obtained from the merchant's Wooden species inspection reports. Choose materials with stable wood properties and choose according to their preferences and economic conditions. (2) obtain quality inspection report, and check whether the quality report is true, it is better to check the inspection report in the near future.

Is there a certificate of origin (to import board); is there an authoritative quality report of the national quality inspection center for wood-based panels; is there any certificate of authority (mainly for environmental protection), and is there any manufacturing material?. 3, look at the material at present three parquet wood species name to name wood panel, and the panel material for many varieties,

there are precious wood but also ordinary wood, wood imports have made of wood, and the colour and pattern are different, the price difference. 4, choose the size of usually three layer solid wood floor is divided into three pieces, Larry spelling and single spell independent pieces, the standard width from 189 - 5500px, 1890 - 55000px. from the length of the room was small, 10 to 20 square meters should be chosen three pieces,

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