no empty parts should flatness composite deck

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no empty parts should flatness composite deck

no empty parts should flatness composite deck

Shantou small carts, gloves, masks, broom, serrated coating scraper, scriber, rubber roller, rubber hammer outward. 3 copper foil: thickness 0.05mm, width 1cm. Three, construction conditions 1, PVC board before paving ceiling, walls, doors and windows should be cement ground and construction equipment, coating engineering, after completion of all projects such as paper. 2, the ground to do self leveling cement surface or epoxy self leveling surface. 3, the overall size of the ground can not have wavy,

cannot have uneven phenomenon obviously, a detailed surface should have no pits, no bulge, no cement falling, no sand, no empty parts should flatness error is not more than 2mm, the wall is straight at an angle of 90 degrees, the ground can not be wet, but can not have water the site, construction waste must be clean. 4, in the construction process, the operation humidity should not be lower than 10 degrees,

indoor relative humidity should not be greater than 80%, water content not more than 8%. Four, PVC plastic floor installation process, 1 basic cleaning: before paving shall be thoroughly cleaned of residual mortar, dust and oil on the surface of the base, such as the grassroots have uneven defects, should use putty or repair putty smooth, such as hollowing, separation and so on, should be removed, with cement mortar or polymer cement repair if there is a smooth, clean with soap grease.

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