Porcelain teeth with Cobalt-Chromium Alloy

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Porcelain teeth with Cobalt-Chromium Alloy

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Restoration of dental functions Affordable, in addition to precious metals porcelain teeth, there is a price is not high, but the quality is not lost on the precious metal porcelain teeth, that is, cobalt-chromium porcelain teeth. Nickel-chromium alloy porcelain teeth although the price is low, but poor compatibility with the organization, more irritating, can occur allergies and discoloration. Cobalt-chrome alloy was first used in the manufacture of artificial joints with excellent biocompatibility, has been widely used in the oral field, because it does not contain harmful elements of nickel and beryllium elements, safe, reliable and reasonably priced cobalt-chromium alloy porcelain teeth Has become the preferred non-precious metal porcelain. Suitable for most dental restoration, especially for fixed fixation such as posterior fixed bridge.

Cobalt-chromium alloy porcelain teeth Advantages: Cobalt-chromium alloy was first used to implant materials, and later, Europe and the United States to solve the problem of nickel-containing metal allergy, developed a cobalt-chromium alloy dedicated to porcelain repair, it does not appear in the patient's mouth alloy Discoloration Cobalt-chrome alloy earliest used in transplant medicine, used as a hip joint, which is a sign of its biocompatibility, still in use.

As early as 1929 for dentistry, initially for removable partial dentures. Cobalt-chromium alloy: It is mainly developed for the toxicity of Ni and beryllium. Its cobalt content is higher than that of nickel-base alloy, generally 25%, as well as elements such as Cu, W, Nb, Si, Ru, Al and Mo. Because of its higher cobalt content, its corrosion resistance than nickel-based alloy is good, and good bonding of gold and porcelain, but also because it contains more chromium, the higher melting point, there is a certain reaction between the alloy and the embedded material.

Porcelain teeth with cobalt-chromium alloy, the elastic modulus of 213745Mpa, hardness of 335 Vickers hardness. Higher elasticity, high comfort, alloy discoloration will not occur in the mouth of patients. The difference between the cobalt-chromium alloy for porcelain teeth and the cobalt-chromium alloy for making partial dentures is the carbon content of the alloy. Generally, the former contains little or no carbon.