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Oh, great, beautiful France
Would you please give me a small advance
On my monthly social aid
As I don't really want to become a maid
I've been good and thankful
And bloody damn grateful
That you never let me work
We know you've got enough of clerks
You teach my daughter that you are rich
But do you actually give a shit?
If she knows the table of multiplication
Well, you give her Catholic education
Though you celebrate the worker's day
When was it -the first of may?
Please excuse my bad memory
Wasn't communism just a temporary
Movement of particular masses
Not convenient for your middle classes
I kind of remember that as a Bulgarian
I'm different from your transsexual Marianne 
You gotta learn that Bucharest is in Romania
Sofia is another crazy mania
Oh, beautiful, great France
Why are you slowing my payment advance?
I won't spend it on fat foie gras
Oh, no, God forbid, oh la la
I might though get some cheese brie
And let my soul feel free
Praising your Alps' caws
Letting go of that pretty blouse
I liked in the boutique of Chanel
Or wasn't it Cacharel
Anyway they are all the same
Your shops and brands are vain
But don't get me wrong
I know you are quite strong
In preaching the importance of equality
Especially in regardence of minority
Which is actually the majority
Of my beautiful town of quality
It's name is Nimes
Its culture is dim
They say the bullfights are fantastic
Though I find them disgusting
Perhaps Hemingway knew better
Does it actually matter?
As you hardly ever mention those writers
You are interested in your fire-fighters
They are handsome and fit
Their sirens are always lit
Waking me up in night
Doing what's right?
Oh, great, beautiful France
You did transfer me the advance!

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